Mask art

Masks are mysterious and fascinating – they conceal, alienate, transform and at the same time can be so exposing. Through the ages masks have accompanied mankind as a second face.
Of course masks haven’t accompanied me that long yet. As a child I was fascinated by masks but I actually made my first mask in my teen years. In 1985 I met Edith Block who taught me the art of professional mask making and mask play.
Now, many years later, I still enjoy working with masks and passing on my enthusiasm for masks.

Mask making

Making a mask can be as manifold as its character can be. In my  weekend workshops & projects you will learn a specific, reliable and well-tried form of maskmaking. This special technique allows for differentiated work on the object. And it  simply is fun.

By the way: artevale also makes masks by commission, e.g. for theaters, bands, events and individuals. Feel free to contact me.

Mask play

So now we made our own mask. And what's next? Let’s get to know our mask. What is its personality? How does it move? Can it perhaps even dance? What happens when masks meet eachother? In my weekend workshops & projects we will deal with these and similar questions on a practical level, with exercises from dance and theater supporting the process as well as the use of music.