Dance is an essential part of (nearly) all cultures in this world and by that one of the most archaic forms of human expression. The  intensive work with dance and mask play expands personal competences in body language and movement thus presenting new and different possibilities in movement, creation, presentation and expression.

Dance what moves you!

Global Water Dance 2017

Global Water dance 2015


Koromogae (Ltg. Sabine Seume), Hannover

Dance performance

Originally trained in classical ballet I now put my emphasis on contemporary dance forms like Butoh. This gives me more freedom in movement as well as expression and in combination with the masks invites the grotesque. The masks are from my own studio.
I call my art form „Butoh-esque Mask Dance Theater“, dance art with a weird touch.

Dance classes & workshops

Artevale presents a wide range of possibilities in dance with dance theater, Butoh, contemporary dance and ballet, e.g.:

  • Dance theater classes and projects at public schools
  • Ballet for children, 5 years and up
  • „I dance what moves me“, dance theater workshop for adults, every first Friday
  • Butoh – dance of darkness, weekend workshop for adults
  • Global Water Dance, international biennial dance event